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  • Annual Membership

    The OLA membership runs January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023
    Valid for one year
  • Annual Membership +1

    2023 Membership +1 Firework Raffle Ticket (save $10)
    Valid for one year
  • Annual Membership +2

    2023 Membership +2 Firework Raffle Tickets (save $25)
    Valid for one year
  • Annual Membership +3

    2023 Membership + 3 Firework Raffle Tickets (save $50)
    Valid for one year
  • Raffle Tickets

    Additional Raffle Ticket Purchased Here

2023 Membership Dues

How are my membership dues used?

Management & Preservation Efforts

  • Twice yearly surveys, weed treatments, bioaugmentation treatments and post analysis recommendations

  • Detailed reporting on the vitality of the Lake

Educational Campaigns 

  • Clean Boats, Clean Water

  • Using lake friendly fertilizers 

  • Maintaining your septic system 

  • Identifying invasive species/weeds vs. good species/weeds

  • Erosion control

  • Membership Communications  


The OLA membership is $50 annually which runs from January 1 to December 31. 

You won’t want to miss any of this year’s important communications. 



OLA Fireworks

In addition to our generous sponsors, we sell approximately 400 Fireworks raffle tickets each year to help pay for the fireworks.  The funds raised recently, have been able to cover the event costs, but in years past that has not been the case.  This important fundraiser is critical to support the greatest fireworks display in Northern Michigan!  


  • This year’s prizes are 1st Prize $2,000, 2nd Prize $1,000, 3rd Prize $500 and 10 - $100 prizes.  

  • The raffle drawing will take place July 13th at the County Park Pavilion at 6pm.  

  • Tickets will be available to purchase online, from OLA Board members and at our Merchandise Pop-ups.  


If you’d like to help sell raffle tickets please contact us at


 FACT:  Otsego Lake has approximately 763 deeded parcels that have lakefront and lake access.  Since education and funding are critical to our mission, please recruit your friends and neighbors to join OLA!  Without OLA, our lake is at great risk and your involvement can make a HUGE impact!

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