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Lake Restoration


Management Plan

Otsego Lake Restoration Update 2021:

Your Lake board has been very busy this past year as we continue to focus on our mission of preserving our lake for future generations. With this in mind we consulted with many professionals and other lake boards and we made the decision to partner with Restorative Lake Sciences, They are located in Spring Lake Michigan and were highly recommended, We requested a complete study of our lake that started in early 2020 and was completed December of 2020. The study was very detailed as you will see and includes our top priorities to work on, We are committed to the plan and will continue to partner with RLS as we manage the plan. We plan to continue to communicate the findings and action plan as well as education on how you can help preserve and protect our lake. It Is very important to stay focused and have this strategic plan to guide us forward. I hope you find it interesting and realize its importance as we move forward.


Shoreline Erosion

One of the best ways to prevent shoreline erosion is by utilizing native plants because they have extensive root systems that hold soil in place.  

Native Plants

Otsego Conservation District has a big Native Plant Nursery, we’re happy to help make recommendations.

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